Data is a powerful tool to get orientation in a rapidly changing world. Faced with today's great transformations, every day we are called upon to make courageous and conscious choices. Knowing the directions of change is essential to overcome the fear of the unknown and seize future opportunities.

Since 1997 we have provided a continuous Observatory of Italian public opinion.

It is a coordinated system that analyses the country and its citizens, based on more than 60 thousand interviews per year and divided into annual and weekly surveys. Its aim is detecting changes, drives and fractures in public opinion.

Globalization challenges, consumers' needs, voters' desires, the hopes of young people, environmental awareness and new values constitute a unique accurate and complete stream of information.

Our long-standing archive contains everything you need to understand the present reality and imagine the future, also thanks to perceptive and predictive indices and indicators developed over time. Our archive is a window on tomorrow's Italy.

Our weekly survey integrates the great longitudinal themes with current events and trends: voting intentions, culture, tourism, finance, work, mobility, sport and social networks.

We share our insights with all those who, like us, are curious and desire an in-depth understanding of every phenomenon. Results are published every week on SWG's website and disseminated through our Newsletter and social networks.