To operate and have an impact on society, market, and politics it is crucial to perceive the reality through different eyes and use the right tools to catch changes and to seize the future that is already here. To achieve these goals the major problem to overcome is not having the right answer but rather identify the right question.

SWG, pure player, independent and Data Science integrated, has adopted an innovative approach where traditional research is integrated with Big Data interpretation and the wealth of information present on the Web, in the companies, in the public administration and in crowd intelligence.

Thanks to a partnership approach, SWG supports its clients in making strategic decisions concerning communication and marketing and offering them data, analysis, interpretation and added value through four processes:

  • COMPREHENSION: of sedimentations and future evolution, internal and external phenomena, outcomes of the activities carried out, performances, individual actions
  • ANALYSIS OF THE SCENARIO: competitive, related to the market, socio-economical, political scenario
  • INNOVATION: creativity, brand, product and market, future planning and management
  • NARRATION: storytelling, communication and media, partecipation, stakeholder.

Every year SWG produces more than 250 researches for a total of more than 500,000 interviews per year, more than 200 qualitative activities, more than 100,000 B2B interviews, more than 2,000 interviews to stakeholders and more than 1 billion of social media posts analysed in 10 languages.

SWG fieldwork centre is in Italy, at the seat of Trieste, and offers:

  • A Contact Centre with 100 computerized workstations and 120 telephone lines with more than 300 interviewers to perform surveys using qualitative CATI/CAMI methods, also in foreign languages. All the interviewers shall attend training courses, organized and held directly by SWG, and compliant to the quality certification provided by UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard.
  • An online Research Community consisting of more than 60,000 identified individuals regularly participating in both quantitative (CAWI) and qualitative (Web Discussion, Web Focus, Personal interviews) surveys and dedicated panels. Communiters have been recruited over the years through targeted campaigns on the Internet and via telephone and face to face surveys thus guaranteeing not only an appropriate social and territorial spreading but correcting the distortion effect regarding the Internet reference population. Big Data technologies supports the continuous and incremental data storage for each participant determining the reliability and feasibility level of every single parameter and the automatic suggestion of the necessary answers for the profiling activity.
  • A network of more than 7,000 Face to Face Interviewers and Mystery Shoppers in the whole national territory for a total of more than 1,600 sample points covered. Thank to this widespread distribution it is possible to carry out surveys, mystery shopping and face to face interviews in any point of interest, both online and offline.
  • Rooms properly equipped for Focus Group in the 3 company seats, Milan, Rome and Trieste in addition to a network of equipped locations in the national territory.
  • MACP4, an integrated and multichannel software, to collect and analyse all the telephone, online and face to face, interviews. The software, developed in 1987, is constantly updated and aligned to the most innovative technologies available and to the highest standards of accessibility and reliability. The strategical choice of maintaining a proprietary software permits the utmost margin of freedom in the customization of specific functions such as Conjoint Analysis, Shelf Test technology, geo-localization with Google Maps, making thus possible to integrate the clients’ information systems such as CRM systems, Loyalty systems and Database.

SWG is member of:

  • ASSIRM: Italian trade association, founded in 1991, grouping the main players in the field of opinion polls, market research and social research. The ASSIRM associates shall respect a code of ethical conduct and quality standards inspired by ISO 20252 principles.
  • ESOMAR: international association for market research and opinion that performs category educational, legislation, regulatory and representative activities with public and private bodies (European Union, States, business associations). Members undertake to respect the International Code on Market and Social Research (ICC / ESOMAR).
  • MSPA - MYSTERY SHOPPING PROVIDERS ASSOCIATION: association grouping the main European founders of mystery shopping services.
  • At national level, ASSEPRIM, a Federation member of Confcommercio-Imprese per l'Italia, represents about 700 companies providing Professional Services to businesses.

Since 1999 SWG has been providing UNI EN ISO 9001 certification to offer its clients working standards in line with the international clients best practices. Over the years the scope of the validation process has been extended to technological innovations and now covers also web procedures. SWG Quality system is certified with the new version of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Since 2011 SWG has been submitting its financial statement to audit and certification by an external auditor.

SWG has adopted an Organizational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2011 to prevent the crimes provided for by the decree and has entrusted a Supervisory Board, with independent powers of initiative and control, to monitor the implementation and observance of the Model as well as its updating. The model is part of a broader policy pursued by SWG and it is designed to promote fairness and transparency in the activities and in the relationships with third parties. The model is also part of the Code of Ethics, a self-regulatory instrument that contains voluntary commitments, in addition to the requirements as under Decree. 231/2001, accepted taking into account the expectations of the different stakeholder.